What is the KRA?

The KRA is Non-profit Company incorporated in 2007 under the Companies Act to improve the quality of life in the suburb of Kelvin, raise the community spirit and increase the values of.

Who are the members of the KRA?

By association, EVERY resident, representative of Body Corporates and owners of businesses in Kelvin.

Objectives of the KRA?

Enhancing community spirit through community engagement; Promoting Kelvin as an up-market, secure & friendly suburb; Improving community security & maintaining crime prevention through proactive security measures; Pursuing interests in orderly development of vacant land to not compromise Kelvin's harmony; Representing interests of the Kelvin community, at Government levels, if required

How does the KRA obtain funding?

Funding is obtained from contributions by members of the community. Contributions are voluntary, HOWEVER, in order to foster sound community spirit, every household is encourages to contribute. There is no minimum or maximum contribution, however a benchmark of R250 has established over the past 6 months.

Kelvin - A place to live

"There is no power for change greater than a community
discovering what it cares about"

Short –term goals:

Get every household in Kelvin onto Telegram

Increase contributions to 50+1%

Securing long-term contracts with security companies to patrol the area

Increase public participation in public events

Activate the automated booms

Participate in tender for Meadway park

Medium/Long –term goals:

24 hour street-level camera surveillance

Ensuring that road closures remain

If successful in Meadway park tender, rehabilitate the clubhouse and park

Involvement in the Frankenwald development process

Ensure that the quality of life in the suburb will not be compromised

How have our objectives been met?

Created a platform where all members of the community can interact with one another (Telegram)

Have a 911 group on Telegram, where security issues are reported and security companies respond to these issues

Installation of cameras at the entrances of Kelvin

Successful road closure application to ensure Kelvin remains a “gated” community

Participate in City of Johannesburg tender for park on Meadway

Kelvin counsellor is on Telegram group. Also KRA is on twitter and issues are raised with Mayor and COJ via twitter.